Tidal Sails 4th generation, BeamReach combines ancient principles of ocean sailing with state of the art alpine ropeway technology. The patented “sweet spot” configuration will surpass all known tidal technologies as regards extraction efficiency, cost to capacity ratio and environmental friendliness.

BeamReach exposes a significantly larger surface area into the energy stream than any other known tidal energy technology, but yield the same efficiency per area as typical tidal turbines,

The Full Scale demonstration with loops of 500 m length will be deployed in a natural laminar tidal current of about 2m/s or 4 knots, well below what is presently considered attractive by competing technologies.

The plant will be connected to the 22kV Hammerfest Energi power grid, less than 100 meters from the plant. Further, the project will provide in-depth information on installation, operations and decommissioning costs, as well as “reliability and survivability” in the harsh climate of the arctic.

The project has been awarded a Permit from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE), a Power Purchase Agreement and Letter of Support with Hammerfest Energi, and an Exclusive Sponsorship Agreement with the Norwegian Coastal Administration, incorporating three man months into the project free of charge!

Tidal Sails have built and tested several test rigs and prototypes over the years.