Tidal Sails

Clean energy by sailing the tide

About Tidal Sails

Tidal Sails AS, an independent, privately held closed corporation based in Haugesund, Norway brings to market a ground breaking technology to extract kinetic energy from slow moving currents, by combining the ancient principles of ocean sailing with state of the art alpine ropeway technology, to generate low cost electricity.

Competitive advantages

Energy from Slow Moving Water

Exposing a large energy harvesting area into the current is essential to reduce costs.

Cost efficient & Low Weight

Extreme low cost and weight to output ratio.

No visual pollution

Fully submerged power plants with whisper quiet Direct Drive Generators cannot be heard or seen at the surface.

Operation & Maintenance 

Autonomous operation, maintenance friendly Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Generators, Self-Cleaning Sails and Water Lubricated Sail Bearings.

Technological Advantage

Unrivalled exposed area in the energy stream, with extreme Peak Shaving facilitated by the patented Self Adjustable & Variable Pitch Sail Control System, combined with a highly efficient and maintenance friendly drive train ensures a reliable, powerful and low cost power plant.

Environmental Impact

Whisper quiet Direct Drive Generators and slow moving sails are assumed harmless to diving birds, fish and sea mammals.

Maritime traffic

The power plant operates at 15 meters depth, beneath shipping lanes, without disturbing surface traffic and activities.

Gentle to Marine Life

Slow moving sails do not harm sea life, unlike traditional turbine solutions with high velocity wing tips offered by competitors.

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