Tidal Sails' vision is to tap kinetic energy from slow-moving tidal streams, ocean currents and river streams to produce electricity at the lowest cost in the market by combining the ancient principles of ocean sailing with state of the art alpine ropeway technology
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Our team

  • Helge Tordahl


  • Leiv Anfin Drange

    CTO/Project leader

  • Bendik Siverts


  • Jan Petter Holm


  • Erik Hynne


  • Peter Glasl

    Chief Ropeway Engineer

  • Alexandra L. Børgesen

    Engineering student

  • Nina Borud

    Business Development

  • Madeline L. Børgesen

    Marketing student

  • Are Børgesen

    Founder and Chairman

  • Ole Jørgen Mo

    Board member

  • Knut Magnus Haavik

    Board member