Tidal Sails' vision is to tap kinetic energy from slow-moving tidal streams, ocean currents and river streams to produce electricity at the lowest cost in the market by combining the ancient principles of ocean sailing with state of the art alpine ropeway technology
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Are Børgesen


Are Børgesen

Mr. Are Børgesen (53) formerly served as a Wideroe Airline Commander, where he was employed for 23 years. His background includes the Royal Norwegian Army’s Officer Candidate School, and the North American Institute of Aviation, where he graduated as a commercial pilot. He has since taken classes in philosophy and psychology at the University of Tromsø, and University College of Haugesund, Norway.

Since he founded Tidal Sails in Norway in 2004 he has been devoted to the development of tidal power. Tidal Sails produce electricity from slow moving tidal streams, ocean currents, and rivers by combining simple principles of ocean sailing with state of the art ropeway technology.

Based on extensive flying experience in what is often considered “the world’s toughest airline operation”, and a comprehensive background from various regatta sailing, Mr. Børgesen is well equipped to cope with the challenges of navigating a technology pioneering company through the maze and obstacles it faces towards commercialization in a yet non-existent market.

He holds several patents to his name, amongst them 4 unique principle patents for wave and tidal exploitation, and he became one of CNBC’s 10 Green Heroes in 2010, and won the IAIR Sustainability Award 2014.

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